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Even though Lanie won't have her drivers' license for a couple years, it hasn't stopped her from learning how to handle a vehicle. In the Speros family, the time on the road is more important than the destination. Each stop and each town is an opportunity to experience something new, eat something different, or be part of a unique culture.


In The Omega Contingency, the road trip ends up being much more of an adventure than the family was expecting... Danger catches up with them after only a day on the road, and the excitement only gets more thrilling as they drive on. Inspired by many true stories, Lanie's trip takes twists and turns that would scare off any normal teenager. But Lanie realizes on her journey that life is not meant to be lived as a passenger. Sometimes you need to take the wheel and steer your own destiny.

The rear of a classic Cadillac parkes atop a dark black pavement with Route 66 painted on the road

"For Lanie, the dynamics of a moving vehicle provided a primal stimulation. She couldn’t explain why she liked driving but figured her satisfaction from the command of an instrument was what talented pianists felt when they played their favorite music."

Beautiful Picture of Mountains in Utah

For over a century, a symbol of American freedom has been the allure of our open highways. From the panoramic deserts of the west to the twisting country roads of the east, you don't need to have an itinerary for adventure. When you get out on the road, adventure will find you. Life on the road can be unpredictable, and almost every trip will leave you with amazing stories to tell.

See where Lanie's love of the road and her skill for driving take her.

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