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Sometimes the most epic, life-changing adventures
begin right in our own back yard... or under it...

Lanie Speros sitting atop a Cadillac in teh dark dessert. The background is a highway 66 sign, road and desert mountians

Sometimes it’s best to leave the driving to the kids.

The accidental revelation of a tunnel under Lanie’s backyard leads her on an explosive voyage full of action and self-discovery with her family and her new best friend. Narrowly escaping burglars, fierce storms, and highway crashes, she returns home empowered with a new feeling of independence. But the story has only just begun, and the odyssey continues as Lanie creatively eliminates criminals who are seeking to access a secretive, hidden city in the mine compound under her house. When is it the right time to stop looking to your parents for guidance in every decision you make? When is it time to aggressively let your own personality shine? For some people–like Lanie–it's earlier than others.

This coming-of-age story highlights the important role that self-confidence plays in the development of a young adult's individuality. Newfound emotions and a new depth of friendship are only part of the tale though. The opportunity to join a secret organization for the protection of humanity is a vehicle that allows Lanie and her friends to flex their untapped talents and learn what it means to be responsible—for more than just themselves. Our homes, our neighborhoods, and even the vehicles we ride in are part of our own storyline, and in Lanie's story they are part of a vivid narrative that readers won't find in any other book. Those who join her adventure are carried along by original, realistic world-building and the perfect balance of humor, tension and emotion.

Monument Valley, Utah

The Omega Contingency is a young adult story that doesn’t pretend to fit the template of the next bestseller. The settings and situations are rich with feeling and detail, in hopes that readers wish they were right alongside the characters, enjoying each moment. It is confident in its unique, technically accurate storytelling, and will appeal to those who are looking for heroic, larger-than-life adventure without the fantasy. This story is for the daydreamers who use inspiration as an igniter to create and build in the real world.

See what happens when you're not afraid to get behind the wheel.

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