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Photo of the author kneeling in front of a late model cadillac under bright sunshine in the desert

Chris Contes

From an early age, Chris Contes was an atypical dreamer. He was passed a feverish love of automobiles from his father, and even before he could speak Chris could identify car makes and models by pointing.  Growing up, Chris’s mom taught that anything is possible if you have enough aptitude and technical talent. Since then, he has made a career and lifestyle out of mixing daydreams and hobbies with his work.

 With 27 years of history in the automotive and theme park industries, Chris taps a diverse and eclectic range of work experiences that share a common thread—avoiding the ordinary. His background also provides an engaging and technically accurate source for unique scene setting and storytelling. An avid fiction reader himself, Chris gravitates toward stories that are motivating, energetic, and faithful to technical details. His history of vehicle ownership (47 and counting) is as diverse and unique as his career history.

 Chris has a business degree from Arizona State University and spent ten years working at automotive test facilities for General Motors and Nissan. In 2005, he followed his dream and left the auto industry for a behind-the-scenes career leading ride maintenance projects and programs at Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, and Knott’s Berry Farm. He lives with his family near Los Angeles.

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